About Us

Welcome to the world of design management.

We are a group of likeminded design thinkers, strategists and collaborators, who are connected with an international network of design management alumni.

This course invites designers and non-designers to apply design thinking and the language of business, to create innovative and purposeful outcomes. On this course, students sharpen their strategic edge through expanding their entrepreneurial and business capabilities. If you are a non-designer, you learn to be a creative thinker.

Our Stories

This year, we have created the opportunity to showcase the students to our global audience.

We would like to introduce our UK ‘cohort 2020-21’ of students and their studies, which is focused on their Professional Development and their plans for the future.

The Brief

The cohort were asked to explore their individual professional development journeys in detail, whilst identifying their personality, traits, psychometric profile, skills and knowledge as a design manager. Students were involved in exploring and developing personal goal setting, learning styles, self-management and design presentation skills.

The students were asked to develop a body of research which explores ‘you’ as an individual. Students have reflected on their experience and the evidence from research to inform how they might communicate their professional development plans.

Students asked the following questions: Where am I now? Where do I want to be? and how will I get there?

Online Learning

Dr. Mersha Aftab, Nicholas Irvin with the MA students (UK Cohort 2020/21)
Teresa Lee Lai Yun in Hong Kong Masters in Design Management (Cohort 3).