About our international course:

The course at SHAPE, Hong Kong is designed explicitly for work-based applicants and is a multi-disciplinary programme for ambitious designers and non-designers working in the design industry.

The course has a distinctive professional focus and embraces necessary skills in a business and design context. Whilst the master’s study has developed many aspiring design managers, this journey has also created a network of alumni and has extended our family of like-minded individuals.

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To our international alumni and students:

We have developed an international partnership with staff, students and alumni from the School for Higher and Professional Education in Hong Kong (SHAPE).

Our thanks to colleagues and alumni from all corners of the globe for their helpful feedbacks and guidance.

We would also like to thank the following staff: Katherine Yu and Elaine Chow and the alumni and students from all of the master’s in design management cohorts in Hong Kong.

Alumni from Cohort 1 (2017-2018)

  • Cheung Chan (Ivy Chan),
  • Chun Man Ronnie Chan (Ronnie Chan),
  • Chung Yin Chan (Tommy Chan),
  • Ka Yi Chan (Charlie),
  • Kwai Hung Chan (Andew),
  • Man Kit Chan (Leo),
  • Siu Man Alan Cheung (Alan Cheung),
  • Wing Shek David Dwight Jr. Cheung (David Jr),
  • Tak Yiu (Jonathan) Kwan,
  • Wai Yan Wian Lau (Wian),
  • Chun Fai Leung (Fai),
  • Yuen Ching Li (Joanne),
  • Ka Ling Mak (MC Ling),
  • Man Hei Dionetta Ng (Dion),
  • Ho Yan Tang (Maly),
  • Yee Ching Tin (Clarice),
  • Chiu On Yu, (Simon Yu)
  • Ling Fung Tara Yuen (Tara Yuen).

Alumni from Cohort 2 (2018-2019)

  • Lau Ting Ka (David Lau),
  • Leung Wai Yan, (Griselda Leung),
  • Leung Wai To (Steve Leung),
  • Lee Wing Sum (Casey Lee),
  • Leung Chiu (Wing Leung),
  • Ho Yee Man (Christie Ho),
  • Li Tik Lui (Quin Li),
  • Leung Po Chui (Catherine Leung),
  • Tse Yick Hin (Philip Tse),
  • Lo Tsz Chung (Luke Lo).

Students from Cohort 3 (2019 to date)

  • Chan Kin Pong (Netar Chan),
  • Wu Oi Lam (Helen Wu),
  • Lau Heung Yeung (Sunny Lau),
  • Ng Kin Fat (Freddie Ng),
  • Chiu Hoi Lee (Carey Chiu),
  • Kam Tsing Yee (Joyce Kam),
  • Lee Lai Yun (Teresa Lee),
  • Tsang Ka Lai (Kelly Tsang),
  • Fung Yuk Kam (Piano Fung),
  • Fong Ho Hin (Willis Fong),
  • Lam Kit Yi (Poonam Lam),
  • Lee Man Chun (Austin Lee),
  • Chin Chwen Hooi (Stephanie Chin),
  • Yuen Chi Hin (Stanley Yuen),
  • Wong Yiu Kuen (Felix Wong),
  • Chiang Ho Chai (Ken Chiang)
  • Pok Ho Ho Yeung (Kelvin)

Our students hard at work: