Section 3: The Past, Present and Future

Currently, alongside studying full time on MA Design Management, I am working part time as a Case Manager for Universal Credit. Whilst this is challenging, I am learning the importance of time management. Clayton, M (2011) believes there are 6 fundamentals of time management:

1. Communication
2. Discipline
3. Memory
4. Planning
5. Review
6. Organisation

When planning my weekly or daily to-do list, I reflect onto the importance of discipline and planning. Two key elements for myself to ensure effective organisational skills and time management.

Still on a path of self-discovery, figure 3 shows career aspects I desire to work in. Whilst I plan to investigate how to get there and skills I needed; I aim to move out of Birmingham by 2025.

Essentially, the end goal is to be a Design / Account Manager for either an agency or popular brand or busines. Lynne Elvins summarises a Design Manager in figure 4.