Nathen Birkett


Nathen is a scenic design artist using digital and physical methods, Nathen also specialises in digital media, Special Effects stage makeup and story boarding,


Nathen is currently a Master of Arts Student Studying Design Management at Birmingham City University, while volunteering at Sutton Arts Theatre upping his skills in the set design department


Nathen has gained resourceful skills while studying at university over the past 3 years, these skills mainly contain digital skills like, SketchUp, Flipside studios and the adobe suite, Nathen has also gained confidence with reaching out to professional artist across the globe around his projects, and one person in particular has offered more then once to do a live brief with Nathen, which has made a huge impact on the way Nathen works with people


Nathen has an ambition to move down to London when he finishes his MA degree to become a set and lighting manager at one  Of the top theatres like Her Majesty’s theatre

Elevator Pitch

Examples Of My Work

Pecha Kucha

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