Hamzah Ilyas

Every great design begins even with a better story – Lorinda Mamo (A Graphic designer)

I am Hamzah Ilyas. It’s my pleasure to introduce myself as a graphics designer and a keen learner in the same field with exposure. My story also began with starting an architecture Diploma years ago. This Diploma unlocked many skills and my potential to utilize my creativity in the field.

I proceeded further, having more interest in using technology and playing with colors at a computer. This all came up with great interest to learn more in the field of Graphics design. I did my Bachelor’s and specialized in GD including visual communication as well.

After my bachelor, I was enough capable to work practically.

I gained experience and furnished my abilities.

Then I moved here and get enrolled in a master’s degree.

I am gaining more and more ideas and opportunities to explore.

In future, it will help me to be established and work more and more for new achievements.

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